Tuesday, February 17, 2009

lazy smokey bloggy day

i had a little fiesta in my moms closet. there is always something to find and yes.. this time i did get a catch. i found these pretty cool suede boots or shoes im not really sure what to call them. but i liked them there a little big. there pretty oldskool just how i like them.

that was actually a pretty tiring event so i just lazyed (not sure thats a word) and did some blog checking and had a smoke.

Monday, February 16, 2009

thinking of...

for some odd reason this pic reminds me of paris. i have no idea why though, maybe its the chanel im seeing.. i have no idea. check out those boots there pretty awesome. not sure if i could be able to walk in them i would gain some hight which is not all bad. anywho i really like this pic, not sure why maybe it is they whole reminder of paris or the kickass boots.

all hail tallulah

im not really a major swimsuit fan but i do really like this one

love those pants

marks shirt is awesome!

drumtastic steve

steve aoki drum solo shot by the cobrasnake from steve Aoki on Vimeo.